The Global Emanuel Business Association Club’s journey started in 2007. Christians and Jews around the world were working together to raise money for an important cause — to bring Jewish people back to their homeland, Israel. A broad spectrum of religious leaders from the Church, private industry, the political world, and innovators from all industries began this mission to help fulfill this Biblical prophecy.


Our Mission is to connect like-minded people from around the world, through our main hub in Israel, who want to share our resources to grow their businesses and drive innovation. We will work with all who operate transparently and honestly in compliance with Biblical values, and who are willing to give a share of their profits to those in need.


Our Value is to spread the unique spirit of Israel and share its amazing new developments and advanced technologies – bringing together Christians, Jews and non-believers from all continents for this common purpose.


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Global Network

Israel and our international network provide a treasure trove of contacts, information and resources among our members who have common interests in business, entrepreneurship, investment, technology and more.

We are a global network platform which provide total solutions and upgrades for our members in any industry. We customize to members’ individual needs through our database and provide transparent and direct information.
We have offices across the world operated by Global EMBA members. The Local Club in each area identifies members’ needs and provides personalized service. Information is passed to our center in Israel to contribute to our database. Through this database, we can find the right contacts, suppliers, manufacturers, consultants or technologies to meet out members’ needs.

Direct access and transparency are central to how we work. We help our members reach and remain at the cutting edge of their industries to be globally competitive.